I need to fix my babies faces. :/

My manager got me a print of tarantula’s having tea….THEY’RE HAVING A TEA PARTY. <333 


What a coyote looks like under its fur.

Pillowpets ain’t got shit on my Luna. #taxidermy #coyote

My coyote pelt :3 

Hello Tumblr.

coyote skulls.
Personal collection

(: They watch me while I sleep.

coyote, badger & rodent bones

He fits right in :D

Kingsley finally won over Baby’s affection. 

My coyote came in the mail :3
He’s HUGE, he takes up the bed when I lay him out. hehe I love him ^~^ 

re-organized my dresser last night I have no more room :c
I don’t know what I’m going to do when my new stuff comes in hehe  

My skull collection as of now.

Almost forgot to post these two

Top: dyed peacock feathers and a random feather from…. I forgot
A vial of coyote tarsals
& A rattle snake I skinned myself ( this was my first attempt thats why its…poopy.)

Bottom: My first coyote skull I didnt shoot the poor fella and I dont know why he was shot nor does my dad he said he found the skull like that and gave it to me.