Today’s look was inspired by Elissabat from monster high. My beautiful friend Veronica Campbell gave her to me.

Monster High For Sale


Put up some of my MIB extras for sale on eBay -

Mostly because I have been so out of the loop I don’t know about pricing or anything anymore, I thought this would be the most fair way to get them out of the house.

I’ll be adding a few more things and some other lots of stuff in the next few days as well.


Sweet Screams



Happy no shame Sunday!

Want want want


So apparently this is in stores now

I have a mighty need.


There you go guys! :) dont forget to mention my name if you use it anywhere else! :) Thank you!

I need her :(

Happy no shame Sunday!


Hand painted ‘Monster High’ custom Converse (kids size)

Visit my Etsy at:

Ugly sobbing

Hahahahaha no thanks Amazon

My shitty day just got a whole lot better. <3

Sobbing because I still haven’t found picture day Operetta.

I have more dolls for sale! 
The Spectra in this lot is a second wave one.

 I accept paypal and ship in the US only.

Feel free to drop me an email at

Doll’s I still have available for sale. 
I accept paypal and ship in the US only thank you!
Feel free to email me at


I’m looking to completely get rid of my collection.


I came home and these had arrived. Thanks to @bashiebat!

AHHHH YESSSSSS. I’m so happy they arrived safe and sound!!!!