Sweet Screams



Happy no shame Sunday!

Want want want


So apparently this is in stores now

I have a mighty need.


There you go guys! :) dont forget to mention my name if you use it anywhere else! :) Thank you!

I need her :(

Happy no shame Sunday!


Hand painted ‘Monster High’ custom Converse (kids size)

Visit my Etsy at:


Ugly sobbing

Hahahahaha no thanks Amazon

My shitty day just got a whole lot better. <3

Sobbing because I still haven’t found picture day Operetta.

I have more dolls for sale! 
The Spectra in this lot is a second wave one.

 I accept paypal and ship in the US only.

Feel free to drop me an email at bashieopheliac@yahoo.com

Doll’s I still have available for sale. 
I accept paypal and ship in the US only thank you!
Feel free to email me at bashieopheliac@yahoo.com


I’m looking to completely get rid of my collection.


I came home and these had arrived. Thanks to @bashiebat!

AHHHH YESSSSSS. I’m so happy they arrived safe and sound!!!!


  • Dolls that have been sold:
  • First Wave:
  • Draculaura
  • Ghoulia
  • Deuce & Cleo two pack
  • Holt
  • Clawd & Draculaura two pack
  • Basic:
  •  Toralei
  • Rochelle
  • Operetta
  • Jackson

  • Dolls Still Avaliable:
  • First Wave:
  • Lagoona
  • Clawdeen
  • Frankie
  • Basic:
  • CA Cupid
  • Spectra
  • Nefera
  • Venus
  • Robecca
  • Werecat Twins
  • Howleen & Clawdeen two pack
  • Abbey

I’lll keep updating this one so it will be much easier I’ll cross out the later ones that have been sold.

posted 1 year ago


I will only hold dolls for 24 hours. [ unless other arrangements have been made]

I have many people asking for the same doll and they will be sold  at first come first serve.

 I’ll also accept a small deposit if you cant get the money within 24 hours but if you can within a week. ( I’ll ask for like a $1)

Thank you!

If you need to contact me asap fell free to send me an email at