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From the MutterMuseum - the deformed ribcage of a woman who wore corsets vs a normal ribcage

Personal collection. 


Human Remains and Wax - A Morbid Mixture for Art

The artist, American Sigrid Sarda, constructs life-size human figures made of wax incorporating human remains. The artist explains, “…The figures become talismans, reliquaries housing human bones. Each tableaux, in tradition of the diorama, is peppered with the grotesque, comic and at times empathetic life-size characters along with backdrops of popular cultural and biblical icons, engaging in what our culture deems acceptable by today’s standards…”


Antique Exploded Skull. Ryan Matthew’s Collection. Photo by Sergio Royzen.

I see a hook….

The Curio Emporium - Pasadena CA

The Curio Emporium - Pasadena CA

The Curio Emporium - Pasadena CA

One day I hope my collection is as amazing as his. *sigh*

This man is my hero. I want to be just like him.


Picture of me with my six part skull shot by my good friend Sara Gage.