I miss my minty hair.

How I get my hair so white

My inbox is full of questions asking about my hair.


I use to have black hair and Ive had black hair for past 4 years so I went to a salon and had them strip all the color off it was a long painful and terrible process. They got my hair to a yellow it wasnt even blonde my hair was fucking yellow. I hated it so I threw burgendy over it and then let it fade which made it turn to a wierd orange.(bad move on my part) I had my hair that way for about 2 months there was nothing I could do to my hair it was so damanged from the bleaching I had done. So in those two months I did a lot of deep conditioning, protein treatments and hot oil treatments. Once my hair was strong enough again I went back to the salon. This time they got my hair to a pale yellow almost platiunum blonde. I also put in a silver toner that helped it along the way.

I also had dyed my hair purple which faded to a nice white/lilac after. Once my hair was at that stage I got my roots touched up and left my hair alone then after a month of waiting I bleached it again which got it to a platinum blonde ( STILL NOT WHITE) and then another couple of months passed and in those 2 months I had blue hair too which later faded to an awesome silver/white. THEN a week ago I touched up my roots ( I leave the bleach in for an hour my natural hair color is black) and during the last 10 minutes I appy bleach to my whole head to remove the silver then rinsed it out. When I rinsed it out my hair was white except for my roots there were a pale yellow so I had to bleach them again to get to white.

SO thats how I got my hair to this state today Ive been bleaching it myself/taking trips to the salon since the beginning of the year its not a easy process and its really hard to do it yourself and I dont recommend you do it all at once your hair will fall out. I touch up my roots every 6 weeks and deep condition my hair once a week and use and intensive repair system by Dove to keep my hair healthy.

& for those of you who want to know what I use at home I use
prism light bleach ( the purple one) it takes out the yellow and orange in your hair if you use the blue packets it makes your hair yellow :x

I mix it with a 40 cream developer its the highest you can buy without a cosmetology licence.

I havent used any toner the past couple of times Ive been able to accomplish white hair without it but Silver lady and white lady by wella work pretty well I like it a lot. I mix those with a 20 cream developer.

I also have used Special Effects toner in my boyfriends hair it works pretty good but if you leave it in for a long time it turns your hair lilac/purple but it washes out after a couple of washes and makes your hair lighter.


also my hair isnt white anymore I dyed it magenta :X

Cats and bubbles

Modeling the hair clips I made yesterday :p

Meow. :3

Put the teal in my hair today.

Hes seriously the best thing thats ever happend to me. <3

Oh and we have matching hair :3