My set is complete! #vinylmation #Disney

posted 1 year ago

Thank you @capt_glowy <33 #vinylmation #Disney

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Literally in tears than you maps I love you and I love everything. Spooky bat sisters for life <3333 :’) (Taken with Instagram)

So I took everything off my bookshelf and dusted everything off.
I never want to do that again. It seems the more stuff I get the more dust I attract.

Glowyyy vinylmation thingys

I love my tea pot :3

My lucky lucky boyfriend got the headless horsemen chaser!!!! 

This is why I shouldn’t be allowed in malls.

My boyfriend reserved me a copy of lady and the tramp at the Disney store and I got the lithographs with my reserve he also bought me a vinylmation from the animators series (2) I got flower :3 & the last 101 dalmatians sweater from forever 21 ><

He also pitched in for the snazzy black jacket I wanted :3

Thank you love for everything your the best <333

Vinylmation update.
My collection has grown quite a bit since my last post :D
These are all the new ones Ive gotten in the past few months
My absolute favorite from the bunch the Bonkers set I got for christmas <3 


(by Linnette Alissa)


Customized Disney Princess Vinylmation by Reactiv Creations. How amazing are they?! And they take requests


My boyfriends vinylmation :)

The newest members to my collection, The mickey and minnie spooky series vinylmation <3


My Lion King Vinylmations that I was so lucky to get :3


Bolt Vinylmation - to be released September 2, 2011