I need to fix my babies faces. :/


Is it bad that I wouldn’t be mad coming home to this?


Another finished fox, the also yet unnamed gangster inspired by Boardwalk Empire. Starting a new piece today, excited :)

Hello Tumblr.

(: They watch me while I sleep.

Top Photo: rat, 2 bats, and a frog & a little jar with my dogs fur in it ( she passed away this year)

Middle Left: Fox pelt and silver fox tail

Middle Right: bones and bone jewlery made out of badger and coyote

Bottom: Coyote, Rabbit, muskrat, round leaf bat, rat and porcupine :3 


Sleeping fox (by J_Knipper)

Today I went down to Melrose to pay my favorite taxidermy shop a visit and ended up with these goodies.

Frog in a jar [ his name is mankie … its an inside joke dont ask…]
Coyote Tarsal’s in a vial
Badger Toe bones in a vial
A Silver fox tail :3